Birthdays during COVID-19

By April 13, 2020No Comments

Today is my brother’s birthday, he turned 13. We are also in the middle of the pandemic, my mom is a single mom who works 24/7 to keep us afloat. Lately she has been getting more stressed than usual. She is taking all her stress out on me and my brother. I know how to control myself, my brother doesn’t. His birthday was already not going to be the same due to the virus, but now he feels like it is ruined entirely. He is not happy. Help me try to fix this please.


  • These are very stressful and unusual times in our lives. This can be overwhelming for anyone and these are normal feelings to have during this pandemic. Thanks for reaching out to Teen Central for support, you’re not alone.
  • You can always check out the “What’s New” tab on the Teen Central website. There are some really good resources and ideas that may help you find your way through this pandemic. Teen Central just posted a bunch of fun ideas to do while still following social distancing. Maybe one of these suggestions can help make your brother’s birthday more enjoyable. Check it out.
  • Even though your mom works a lot, is there anyone else in your life that you can vent to about how you are feelings? Try reaching out to a supportive adult or older peer for support. You can do this by text, phone call, facetime, or zoom. Sometimes just talking to someone about how your feeling can help ease your mind and stay connected to others. Plus, those people tend to make us smile the most.


  • Just because this birthday will be different for your brother doesn’t mean that it has to be ruined. This year will be unique for sure, but you can help make it special. Pick something to do together; bake a birthday cake, take a long walk or bike ride, play a game together, or make him a homemade present from things you have lying around the house. This will be one he will remember for sure!
  • Remember if you are feeling overwhelmed about something, expressing your feelings can actually make things better. Your mom and your brother may not know how you are feeling or what’s causing it. Telling them how you feel will help.
  • Take this time to do things as a family. Set some time aside with your mom and brother every week to do something together. Make a schedule with them, that way they can both come up with a good time for activities together.
  • Have you ever tried writing in a journal? If not, this could be a great time to start. Writing down your thoughts or keeping a “Corona Virus Time Capsule” can help you get your emotions out and ease some of your anxiety. The “Whats New” tab has some suggestions on how to get started. This can also be helpful when you are feeling overly stressed with family.