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Comfortable with Myself

By June 19, 2023No Comments

Why don’t I like my body? Bro like I used to love my body i was feeling myself every time i was wit my mans but now were not even allowed to see each other. And the best part is pretty much all my mom does is fat shame me. I eat to much or i dont eat enough i cant win because i just want to feel comfortable with myself again but everytime i see myself in the mirror i get disgusted and i try to talk to my friends abt it but the ones i would talk to only give a fuck about each other like im so deadass they are obsessed with each other and it isn’t fair because they know my home life isnt great but they dont care obviously I just wish i could be what everyone wants like i wanna love my body but i wanna be skinny and to fit into my moms standrards but that will never be unless i do what she wants is eat nothing with alot of calories or sugars or like flavor i want to not be what she calls a drug addict i want to be happy and stable i want to not be a bitch but i cant help that i have an anger problem i cant control it i always got a attitudie bc when someone fucks wit me i get pissy. Im so done

I hate myself. I hate everything about my body, my mentally, just everything and especially my weight and thats because my mom is constantly going on and on about what i eat and how i look round and i need a diet or i need to get surgery to lose weight but im 15 and this is what she has been doing to me for years it isnt fair i js wanna love myself like i did when i was able to be with my bf and see my bf he made me feel great and comfortable but i cant be becasue they dont like him but it doesnt matter how i feel or what it does to me when they do stupid ass stuff to hurt me as long as they feel powerful i js want to feel loved



Help Yourself:

  • Wow, it must be very overwhelming to have all these feelings happening all at once! Remember to take a beg deep breath before responding to people &/or situations. The big deep breath will help your brain react more effectively.
  • Thank you so much for writing to us here at TeenCentral! Here we can provide you with tools and resources that will help you navigate through this challenging time of your life.
  • First things first, have you tried talking to any trusted adults about what is going on? How about any aunts/uncles, older cousins, school teacher or counselor? How about your doctor or a professional therapist? It sounds like you may have a hard time talking with your mother about what is going on. Having a trust adult that you feel comfortable talking with, may help you find other ways to talk with your mother and maybe even help you lead to a healthier life style.
  • You said that you believe you have an anger problem, what are your coping skills? What do you do to help channel and harness this anger and work it out?


Consider This:

  • Navigate to the Learn tab on our website. Here you will find plenty of information pertaining to some of the topics you mentioned such as Anger Management, Body Image, and Family. You can also read about Being Active, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Weight Management which you will find in the Wellness section of the Learn tab.
  • When you are done reading through the Learn tab, head over to the Tools page. The Tools page offers activity sheets to help guide through tough conversations and situations. Be sure to check out Anger Map, Conflict Conversation Organizer, Fighting Fair, Making Hard Decisions, Support Plan, and FDA Nutrition Label.
  • The Support Plan guide will help you identify who you have in your corner, where you feel safe, your coping skills, and ways to help you feel better. The FDA Nutrition Label breaks down and explains how to read the nutrition labels on foods and beverages and what it all means. The Anger Map, Conflict Conversation Organizer, Fighting Fair, Making Hard Decisions, and Support Plan are all very great for organizing your thoughts and feelings and how to explain them and have conversations with your friends, Mother, and any trusted adult you feel comfortable enough to speak to for help.
  • Earlier I asked what your coping skills are. Coping skills are very important for everyone to have. Don’t’ be worried if you can’t think of any at first. Coping skills are more than stress balls and deep breathing. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing. What makes you happy? What is fun for you? Do you exercise? Exercise is not only a good way to get into and stay in shape. Exercise tells your brain to make happy juices. This promotes positivity and helps to release negative energy and replace it with positive energy. This leads to a clearer head and makes it much easier to achieve your goals and talk about what you are feeling. Consider heading back to the Tools page and looking through the Aerobic Running Guide, Strength Training, and Stretch Yoga Pose.
  • Do some research and find some new hobbies. Consider joining learning a new sport and joining a team, learning to play a new music instrument, painting/drawing, or even sewing/crocheting. You can find plenty of at home arts & crafts tutorials on Pinterest. Such as making bubble blankets and crocheting headbands or scarves.
  • It is important to remember that even though you may feel alone and unsure what to do (and that can be very scary) that there is help out there for you. You just have to find what works best for you.