Coming to terms with my bisexuality

By November 22, 2020No Comments

How do I come to terms with my bisexuality? I’ve always envisioned a life for myself (a girl) in which I meet a boy and the stereotypical romance of every Netflix rom-com then takes place. I thought a husband would be my only option for when I’m older but now that I’m 16, I struggle with knowing I like girls too. Not only that, but I am terrified of a relationship with one, especially with having self esteem and mental health (depression) issues. I’m terrified and I don’t want to be gay. It’s not because I wouldn’t have support, because I do have an amazing family/support system who will still love me (my brother is out and gay). It’s me. The amount of internalized homophobia I have is insane and I don’t know how to swallow it or come to terms with the fact that I will never be normal. How can I get over this?


  • Being unsure about your sexual orientation is a normal feeling. Its okay to have questions about how you feel towards others. Everyone is unique in their sexual orientation and desires. Don’t get defeated while you figure it out. We are glad you are opening up to the TeenCentral community about your concerns. You are not alone.
  • Check out our sexuality page on TeenCentral. This section has a bunch of info that might be beneficial to your own journey. Check it out by clicking HERE. Remember, when and if you decide to come out, it will be your decision to do so, no one else’s.
  • You mentioned having a supportive and loving family. Have you ever thought about having these conversations with them? Your brother may be a really good support for you through this journey. Everyone’s story of finding themselves is different, but it can be very freeing to get some of those feelings out in the open.


  • Have you ever tried writing a pros/cons list? Try downloading this useful tool.  This could be helpful to use when trying to make a hard decision, like coming out to your family, or discussing your sexuality with people you care about. Being aware of some of the benefits and the potentially stressful things that could happen with opening up as bisexual, may ease your anxiety about coming out.
  • When dealing with difficult situations, self-care is so important. What is one thing you can do everyday to take care of yourself? Try finding a quiet spot where you live to take some deep breaths or reflect on your feelings. Easing your mind also helps organize your thoughts, and ultimately help your overall well-being. Try it today.
  • Remember feeling “normal” doesn’t look the same for everyone! Be you. That’s what makes you great.