Cutting Myself

By September 9, 2017No Comments

I have been cutting myself for 10 years now. It all started because of my dad.  He was sent to jail for attempted murder when I was six. Then it got worst. My aunt and grandpa died in a car accident. After that I could not take it anymore. I tried committing suicide at age 11. I have scars up my wrist and legs. I also have panic attacks daily and have really bad anxiety.


  • The loss of family members is extremely hard to cope with especially when you have lost two loved ones at once. Your feelings, panic attacks and anxiety are part of the grieving process.
  • If you have suicidal thoughts call the National Suicide Hotline number at 1-800-273-8255. Someone is available 24/7 to talk to you.
  • Think of a ritual you can start to do by yourself or with family members. It can be comforting to celebrate the lives of your loved ones by creating an album, a video, lighting a candle on their birthday, or doing an activity they enjoyed.
  • Check out the Learn tab on under Self Injury and Grief & Loss. You may find helpful information and get ideas on how to cope.
  • It is difficult to grow up without having your dad by your side. Consider keeping in contact by writing letters and sending pictures, if possible.


  • Are there a close family member that are experiencing the same loss that you can confide in?
  • What activities can you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? What do you find relaxing and peaceful?
  • Will you talk to a school counselor or a therapist that can help you through the grieving process?