Really Looking for Answers

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Hi, I wrote the story “does my crush like me”. I believe I forgot to mention I have PTSD, and I have trust issues which is why I can’t talk to my crush. B4 spring break my friend told my crush I liked him as I said in the first story. I need to know if he feels the same, but the thing is I don’t have a phone (yet) and I’m shy, so either way I cannot get an answer. So 2 questions:

1. Based off the first answer do you think he might like me (I’m looking for an answer NOT advice)
2. Are the people answering real people or computers


  • Thanks again for reaching out to Teen Central, we appreciate you being an active member of the community. To answer your second question: We are all in fact real live humans working together to offer you support! No computer generated responses here, we read, consider, and respond to each post individually. I’m sure you’re not the only one with that question, so thank you for asking so someone else has the answer they were looking for.
  • To be very open, and honest (because that’s what we do here at TC!) your first question is a complicated one. In order to give you this straight answer, we would need to know you, the other person involved, and have some context. In the world of online discussion platforms this is a little tricky, and we hope you understand. The unfortunate truth is that question cannot be answered by anyone else but that person. Only he knows for himself how he feels about you and could tell you directly.
  • It’s possible that a Text line or a Chatline/Warmline may offer you some support as well. We are always here to answer questions and point you a productive direction, but our ability to offer ongoing support is limited. Have you considered reaching out to a professional using one of these resources so that you are able to connect in real time with someone who is able to actively engage in a therapeutic process?


  • It seems very important to you to have solid and clear answers to the questions you are asking. While you are waiting for a way to contact him (like a phone or something else) it may be helpful to work on a PRO-CON list about the best and worst things that could if you asked him directly your questions.
  • There are lots of resources on the Tools and Learn tabs, and keep an eye on What’s New blog posts that may be helpful to you. We are constantly creating resources, and have a lot of information about relationships, self-care, and using different coping skills for stress like art-making or journaling. It may be helpful to engage in something creative to help you to process the thoughts and questions that are still stewing.