Feeling Misunderstood and Having Issues With Stepdad

By March 27, 2018No Comments

I need help! I just recently got into an argument with my stepdad. I also just got discharged from KidsPeace, and I am currently at a KidsPeace Partial program. I have had a lot of counseling but it never helps. I honestly feel like nobody really understands me or understands what I have been through. As a toddler I was raised in an abusive home, and I was rarely taken out of my crib. My brother was the only one to take care of me. Then, at age 1 or 2, my grandmother started taking care of me. From what I am told, when my mom found out she was having another kid my grandmother had to put me up for adoption.  I have been diagnosed with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). I would like to know how I can better myself, and learn how to control my anger. In addition, I would like advice on how to get along with my stepdad better.


  • You’ve been through a lot of turmoil in your life. More than most people experience in a lifetime.
  • Although it may be difficult, try to calmly speak to your step father about how you’re feeling. Try to use “I statements” when speaking to him so as not to initiate an argument.
  • Think about using some of the detours you’ve learned when you’re feeling angry or overwhelmed. It could be listening to music, going to the gym, going for a walk/run, writing in a journal, etc.
  • You might want to consider calling the Child Help hotline (1-800-422-4453) to speak to a professional counselor. The call is toll-free, available 24/7 and it’s totally confidential.


  • What is preventing you from speaking to your stepdad calmly about why you’re upset with him?
  • When you are feeling angry what things make you calm down and feel better?
  • What new hobbies would you like to start?
  • How can you use your time at the KidsPeace Partial program to become an emotionally stronger person?
  • How have your counselors supported you in your battle to control your anger?