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Feeling Useless

By February 17, 2022No Comments

im useless, ugly, a total peice of sh*t and deserve to be killed. that’s it. im just worth nothing all around. im suprised nobody has called a mental hospital on me and my insanity yet.


  • First off thank you for reaching out to Teen Central in a time that it seems you may need it most. It sounds like there is a lot going on , and you have a lot of strong feelings that are happening right now. First and most importantly make sure that you are safe! No one ever deserves to die, and it appears as though you are having some really negative views of yourself.
  • There are many resources within our website to take a look at that might assist you in calming yourself, and education on what may or may not be going on (it never hurts to educate). The topic that I think would be most beneficial to you in this moment would be that of DEPRESSION. This can be found in our LEARN tab. Click HERE.
  • Is there someone that you can talk to? This can be anyone from a parent, friend, teacher, coach, or even a mentor. Take this time to maybe see if they can sit and discuss with you these negative thoughts you are having right now. TeenCentral will always be here and we want you to know you can always write to us with your thoughts and feelings. But sometimes nothing beats a face to face conversation. It can be scary at first, but once you get up the courage to share with a trusted adult you may find it’s really helpful. Just something to think about.
  • Lastly, if you are feeling as though you just need to talk to someone immediately and no one else is there, or that you are not feeling safe in this moment, you can either contact the crisis hotline by texting “Hello” to 741741, or by contacting the hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


  • While we may not fully understand what is going on in this moment there is one person who can find out how you are feeling. That very IMPORTANT person is YOU! There are some great ways to calm down your mind and take the time to find out what it truly bothering you. One way that I find often helps me is by writing. By writing down how we are feeling we allow for our mind to SLOW DOWN and think about what is truly bothering us. Have you ever started a journal? You can do this by hand or even on a computer or cell phone. We have a What’s New blog about this that might help. Check it out HERE.
  • It sounds as though in your story that you are feeling some self esteem distress. One way to calm this down is to take the time to take some breaths. Slow down that heart and mind and allow yourself to really think. If you’ve never done this before we have a great blog with some help HERE. Finding a safe space to simply breath and challenge what we are thinking. If you are more of a writer you could separate paper into two halves. On one half you can write the things that you are reporting here. On the other side you challenge it with as many things as you possibly can. Challenge your mind. You are worth it !
  • Sometimes we can just need a hug. While we clearly cant come through the computer to do this there is a great ” Virtual Hug” prompt in our TOOLS section of the website. Find it HERE. In this section you will also find resources for Depression, Support Plans, and even a Music Tool. Check it out!
  • Please take this time to think about the importance of you. Writing into us is simply the first step. Please take this time to either challenge the negative, calm down your mind, talk to someone that you trust,  and or CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL. Remember you are worth it, and you are important!!!