Finding the right relationship

Finding the right relationship

I Dated this guy in high school. He was what I thought I wanted in life, Mr. Suave, Mr. perfect in my eyes. He was tall, Puerto Rican, street smart, not too heavy on the books but he caught my eye. We dated for a while during my junior and senior year of high school, on and off, always in the middle of an argument. When we officially broke up it was mid-winter and I had gotten a taste of freedom. During that time i found out that he cheated on me with two or more women. As time goes on, I was turning 18 and my birthday was about a week away. My ex had texted me and wanted me back. Like an idiot I agreed, we went on a date and walked around town talking for a bit. As months continued, his sister picked him up and carried him to Philidelphia. During that time he had PROMISED me that if we kept in contact we would be fine. Conversations every day turned into every other day to once a week. Slowly I started to fade from the relationship. Before I considered breaking it off, I thought a sideboy toy would help me feel better in a sense. I had made a new friend that understood my feelings. He was in a way EXACTLY like me. stuck in the EXACT same situation I was in but with a female. We bonded straight off the bat /  Also  we had a lot in common more than I’ ever say for my ex. We had sex one day and it felt ever so right. After that, he treated me more like a girlfriend than his actual girlfriend. Christmas came around, it also happened to be my ex’s birthday and I had gotten a lengthy paragraph from my ex about why we should break up. ( the lack of communication….. He just didn’t reply back but anyway) I wasn’t really heartbroken at all. After a few weeks, boy toy broke up with his girlfriend and spent more time with me. I wasn’t really proud of it. I told him to make to right choice but we fell for each other in the end. And he treats me way better than my ex ever did.

Consider This:

  • It sounds like you have figured out what is important to you in a relationship.  Although you went about it in a non-traditional way, it sounds like you are happy now.
  • Your story may be helpful to others who are in a relationship now and feel it isn’t quite right.  There is no need to stay in the relationship, just to have a boyfriend.  It is okay to break it off and take some time to meet others, or even just focus on your own well being.
  • Although it worked out, next time make sure you break it off before you seek other relationships.  If you didn’t like the feeling of being cheated on by someone, it probably does not feel good to them either.

Help Yourself:

  • What kind of lesson or message could you share with your friends about this experience?
  • What advice would you give others if they were in a similar situation?
  • What do you think might have happened if things turned out differently and the new friend did not break up with his girlfriend?