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After my English class, I walk with my friend to her next class. I know she doesn’t like her math teacher so, I just made a joke by saying good luck at your favorite class. I went through having a bad teacher and it actually helped me when someone told me that (I would just laugh.) Then, she texted me she didn’t want me to say that and it made me feel like she doesn’t like me. I now feel really sad but I don’t really want my parents and other people to get in the middle of this issue. Thanks!



  1. It is really brave of you to come forward and talk about your feelings. It shows that you are in touch with how you feel and understanding that helps you to make good choices.
  2. Consider discussing your feelings with your friend.  It might help to check in with her to see why she doesn’t want you to say that.  There may be a misunderstanding or she might not want the teacher to get a sense that she does not like him/ her.  It might be something that be cleared up pretty quickly.
  3. Some people handle difficult issues differently. Consider not discussing your friend’s teacher unless she brings the subject up.  Also understand that it should not be a big deal for her to share her wishes with you.  It can actually strengthen your relationship if you respect her wishes because she will feel respected.


  1. Why do you think your friend does not like you?
  2. Why do you think your friend got upset about your comment?
  3. What did you say to your friend when she got upset about your comment?