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Gone Girl

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Gone girl


  • Thank you for checking on this site. You can share your thoughts and feelings as well as ask questions about situations going on in your life. We encourage you to look at other stories that have been posted on this website written by other young people who have gone through various situations and have received feedback from mental health professionals. Depending on what you’re feeling or going through the feedback might be helpful to you as well.
  • Another way to use this website is to browse through the learn tab which has many topics that may be related to things you’re going through in your life. That section is designed to help you learn more and direct you to other resources. Under the tools tab there are downloadable resources that you can print and take with you or may be used in a therapy session or counseling session. Perhaps it’s something you may share with another person that struggling as well.
  • Most importantly for anyone who is experiencing a crisis we want to direct you to our help page. The help page gives you numerous links, numbers and websites to experts who will immediately respond to you over phone or text or computer messaging. This is particularly helpful in an emergency. Don’t be afraid to make the call if you need to. You had the courage to write two words into the story box. This is only the beginning.


  • If you’re not in a crisis right now we encourage you to consider writing a support plan for yourself. Use our tool by clicking on the link to help you get started. It is always a good idea to have a plan in place for when things get rough in life.
  • Taking care of yourself is extremely important. Explore some ideas of your most effective stress relieving techniques. Do you love music? Would you rather be outside than indoors? Are you someone who enjoys art? If not, is writing your thing? This is just a few questions to get you started. Below are a few links to some ideas for go to stress relieving techniques.
  • We hope next time you visit TeenCentral you feel safe enough to share with us more information about your story. In the meantime, explore our site and take what you need with you. Be well.