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Home isn’t Just a Place

By May 7, 2023May 8th, 2023No Comments

Home is not just a place it can be a person, a pet, an item. But here’s my story. My home isn’t just 4 walls and a roof. My home is a 6´3 15 year old dominican boy. Who makes me so happy and makes me feel so protected. What isn’t fair is that me and him are forbidden. MY parents don’t like nor trust him. it isn’t fair because i love him so much. He is just so sweet but forbidden. I have to wait 2 and a half years to officially be with him. I have to be 18 when i can be with him but we will always be together. It just isn’t fair that my home is forbidden and i just live at this house where i don’t feel at place.

Consider This:

  • Growing up and experiencing your first love can be very overwhelming, full of many different emotions and thoughts constantly swirling around. But take a big deep breath, hold it in, count to three, and release. You have come to the right place here at TeenCentral! We will provide you with tools and guidance to help you navigate through.
  • Have you spoken with your parents about their reasons why they feel the way they do? It is very scary for parents watching their children grow up and begin dating. They have a lot of thoughts and questions as well and at times their concerns come out in ways they don’t intend them to.
  • Have they met this young man? Perhaps consider suggesting for them to meet the boy. This may help them to better understand who he is as a person as well as establish their healthy boundaries and expectations with both you and him.

Help Yourself:

  • Take some time to explore our website. We have many options that may prove to be beneficial for you. Head over to our Learn tab. Here we have a lot of information and guidance covering many topics. Some of these topics that may be helpful for talking with your parents are Family and Relaxation (which you could find under the Wellness section).
  • Next check out the Tools section. Here we have plenty of short activity sheets to help you organize your thoughts and feelings to have a better understanding of your goals and how to achieve them. Take time to check out Fighting Fair, Anger Map, Conflict Conversation Organizer, and Social Skills.
  • What have you been doing during these frustrating times to help you relax and cope with the situation? Coping Skills are more than deep breathing and counting. Many of us use our coping skills daily and don’t even realize it. This is because these skills are typically things we enjoy doing and have become a part of our regular daily lives and activities. Consider journaling as an option. Journaling can help to state our feelings and thoughts, our goals and expectations, and more importantly to help ease our mind and better understand the situation from more perspectives than just our own. If you are not sure how to start journaling, consider completing My Support Plan that you can locate in the Tools section on our website.
  • If you find yourself desiring more knowledge, consider scrolling through the What’s New section where you will find many blog entries and articles covering many topics and challenges teens are facing in the world these days.
  • Remember that open, respectful, and healthy communication is the key to overcoming challenging times such as this. It is important to have an open mind rather than a one-track mind. Having a one-track mind may lead you down a road of conflict that will only become more challenging and stressful as time goes by.