Really Going Through It

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Um idk Well, I am really going through it right now, I feel self-injurious. A lot of my stress stems from my living situation and more, I feel like I need to be admitted again, but i don’t want to stress myself out more. Also, is there a crisis center for kids peace?


  • Thank you for reaching out to the Teen Central Community! It takes courage to reach out especially in regards to mental health and self-injury. We hope you know that you are not alone and you can always find support and help here.
  • We encourage you to check out some of our resources that can help you work through your feelings and communicate with others to find a solution. Under the “Learn” tab, we offer information that can help you. We also have a “Tools” tab with many good resources you can use for a variety of different needs. There’s a support plan for those moments when you just aren’t feeling good. There are guides for coping skills such as running, strength training, and yoga to help calm yourself when feeling angry or anxious. You can even find a social skills resource to help you effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings to others.
  • Do you have any trusted adults in your like with whom you would feel comfortable talking to face to face? Sometimes, even though we don’t realize it, that can be very helpful. It may not be a parent – it could be an older sibling or cousin, aunt, uncle, etc.


  • As far as accessing therapy and insurance, you might be able to reach out to some trusted adults to help you access services. Have you considered using your guidance counselor, or any current/recent services you have. Most services encourage creating a safety plan. If you have a safety plan already created, consider utilizing this. You may also have additional resources in other family members or trusted friends.
  • Our Teen Central “Help” tab also links to several resources that may be of assistance.
  • You mentioned a specific interest in KidsPeace. You can also find a list of KidsPeace services on the  website under the “Services” tab. There are some walk-in services depending on where you live. If you feel you are having an emergent mental health crisis please seek assistance from your local emergency department.
  • Also, as a matter of self-care and try to discover new coping mechanisms for stressful situations: try some relaxing activities such as listening to music, working on crafts, art, practicing mindfulness, and going for a walk to release stress.