I Came Out

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…to my homophobic parents that I am a lesbian, but really I am pansexual (more into girls and non-binary people). My parents did not except, they were saying they were going to take my phone forever and such. I always get blamed for things I didn’t do just bc [because] i’m gay. I can’t hang out with friends anymore… I don’t know what to do.


  • Thank you so much for writing to TeenCentral and trusting us with your story. It can be really difficult to share such personal information with others in order to seek help, so good for you!
  • Your parents’ reaction to what you shared with them may have made you feel rejected and extremely lonely. Many young people who go through similar reactions from their parents end up feeling extremely depressed and even suicidal. We, at TeenCentral, want you to have immediate resources available to you just in case you ever have thoughts or feelings like that. You can find many of these resources on the HELP tab of our website. If you ever feel unsafe and have access to a cellphone, start a conversation by texting “HELLO” to 741741. You can also access the same Crisis Textline online via computer HERE  if you don’t have access to a cellphone.
  • You have written about your parents not being supportive of what you shared with them about your sexuality. Are there other adults in your life to whom you may be able to reach out? If you go to school at least partially in person, maybe a guidance counselor? Or maybe another family member you can trust? Talking face to face with a trusted adult can really be a powerful support during a time like this.


  • Sharing any kind of personal information with others can be scary, and then when the person with whom you share is not supportive it might make you question many things, or you may have many difficult feelings. It’s helpful to process those thoughts, questions and feelings in some way that is safe. We always recommend journaling to our TeenCentral community simply because it’s one of the most helpful coping skills available. Writing things down in a journal helps you keep track of your journey over a period of time. Read more about how journaling helps HERE in one of our “What’s New” blogs.
  • If you find that writing in a journal is not exactly your thing, perhaps art is an easier way for you to express yourself. Read more about art journaling HERE. It’s a really interesting and helpful way for the artistically inclined people out there to visualize their thoughts and emotions.
  • Our TOOLS tab has a lot of helpful downloadable resources that I would highly recommend you check out and see what may be interesting to you. Something there may be supportive such as the Positive Talk Tool – just click here. There is also a LEARN tab that has many topics which could be of interest to you such as the SEXUALITY tab – just click here. You can also take a look around all of the other stories submitted and the advice that has been given in those stories. That may also be helpful.