I can’t live like this.

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I love my family. I really do, but it’s tough.   It used to be me and my mom living together at the time. Until she started dating this guy.  Well she knew him before and they used to be friends.  But now they date and that was fine. He has a son that has autism.  Well my step-dad has been in my life since I was two.   But now as I’m older things have gotten out of hand.  They eat everything in the house 24/7.  When the time comes when I want something it’s already gone! And then, on the other hand, why is my stepbrother always mean and says he is gonna hit me?  We cannot be left alone.  Last time we were left alone, he pushed me down the stairs. I understand he has autism, but I can’t live like this.  I’m definitely not living with my dad no thanks. I tell my mom I can’t live like this and she understands. But she said I have to get used to it.  Mother, how will I ever?! On the other hand, when I buy food with my own money its my food. *hiss* But  guess what they do?  Eat it!  I’m so pissed off.  What the hell?


  • Thank you for sharing your story with us at  This is no doubt a rough way to live and you must be understandably frustrated with your current home life.  We are grateful you reached out to us to explain what is going on.  You love your family but you do not like how you are being treated right now.  You feel that things are out of hand, and that even when you buy your own food, they inconsiderately consume everything and do not replace it.  Also, you do not feel safe being left alone with your stepbrother and you don’t feel as if you have any other living options right now.  Most importantly, you have discussed your concerns and frustration with your mother and her response was unhelpful. Wow – that’s a lot to deal with!
  • TeenCentral has some resources that might help you think about how to handle this situation.  Please visit the stories section to see what stories other teens have shared.  You may find that other teens also have stressful home lives.  You can see their stories and the responses, and hopefully this will help you feel less alone in your circumstances!
  • You have already talked to your mother about your feelings and did not get a helpful response.  Please do not give up on her as a source for help.  She loves you and you love her.  Consider going back to her when both of you have a quiet moment.  Let her know how serious the situation is and how “learning to deal with it” cannot be a solution for you.  You could tell her how overwhelmed you feel and also discuss your fear of being hurt by your stepbrother.  You deserve to feel safe and supported in your own home.   If after talking to your mother again, you do not feel as if you have made any progress, maybe talking to another trusted adult would be helpful.  You could also look for a helping professional in your community, such as a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, youth group leader, or someone similar.


  • Think about what you can do in this situation to decrease your stress level and help your mood as you try to deal with all of these issues at home.  Some people find writing down their feelings helps them feel better.  For others, dancing, listening to music or cooking are calming activities.  You could try going outside for a walk, exercising or getting involved in a hobby.
  • TeenCentral has a “TOOLS” tab that might be a good place to get some ideas on how to improve your mood.  In addition to tips on yoga, running and strength training, you can download, the “Tools” section has an “MPE toolkit” graphic that shows you the various ways you can work to improve your mental health.  Please click on “Tools” and explore.
  • Finally, remember that you love your family and they love you.  Please try to reach out to them to explain how you are feeling and consider discussing your situation with other people.  Remember to care for yourself emotionally and physically so that you are better able to deal with your current stressful situation.