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I Don’t Feel Safe

By June 12, 2023No Comments

My safety around my mom is plummeting down a lot.

I don’t feel safe around my mom anymore, mentally and physically, she likes to use any ways to humiliate me and make me look like an idiot. She likes to threaten me about the smallest things like a piece of plastic on the ground. She tells me that I enjoy assuming things, when I really do not. She lies to me, telling me she’d get me some food, but she ends up getting only herself things. Two days ago, she stole all of my money, which I worked very hard to keep and get, and she probably will never pay me back. I don’t think I’ll be alive by the time I’m 18, and I’m only 16, I don’t know where I can go, but I really need to get out of here, and she expects ZERO failure, even though you got to fail in order to succeed, she expects me to understand everything, and wants nothing missing assignment wise, I don’t know what to do anymore…

She’s made me want to kill myself at least 3-4 times, and I only realized that she was tormenting me at the end of last year. I need to get out of this place or I’ll probably be dead.



Find some help:

  • It sounds like you are going through a very difficult situation right now. Thank you for having the courage to reach out to TeenCentral and share your story with us. Be proud of yourself for reaching out for help.
  • If you are ever feeling unsafe and feel like you have no one to talk to you can reach out to Suicide Prevention by visiting  , or by texting “Home” to 741741. There is always someone just a text away.
  • Is there anyone in your life that you would feel comfortable talking to about how you are feeling? Maybe the other parent, a family friend, a neighbor any trusted adult in your life. Being able to express yourself might help lighten the load. This support person may make tough times a bit easier to cope.

Consider this:

  • It can be difficult when you are struggling with a family member you live with and don’t know how to go about it. If you click on our “Learn” tab, there is an entire section on “Family” that may be helpful and offer some suggestions or insights during this difficult time.
  • Ways to help you express your thoughts and feelings and finding a coping mechanism. Have you considered journaling? Sometimes journaling can help express our thoughts and feelings without having to verbalize them, which can sometimes be very difficult. How about Hobbies/Interest? Keeping yourself busy with activities that you enjoy can help keep you busy and keep your mind of things when you feel you need a break. There’s also yoga, which shows you techniques on how to relax your body and so much more.
  • When you are up for it try clicking on our “Tool” tab and you will find different ideas on coping mechanisms. Some that might be worth taking a look at ” Conflict Organization Starter”, or “Fighting Fair.”. They can help assist in looking at some ways to have some tough talks.