I Don’t Know What To Do?

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When my grandma and grandpa was trying to put a dog pill in my dog’s mouth my grandma grabbed my dog’s neck an i told them to “Stop your hurting him” and they said “No we are not hurting him” I don’t know what to do? Can you help?


      • Thank you for writing to Teen Central! It can be very upsetting to see someone mistreating a beloved pet or to have your pet go through some uncomfortable medical care, as well as not feeling heard about your fears. We hope you can find some new tools here among our community.
      • We encourage you to check out some of our resources that can help you work through your feelings and communicate with others to find a solution. Under the “Learn” tab, we offer information that can help you and we also have a “Tools” tab with many good resources you can use over time.
      • Are there any trusted adults in your life who you could talk to about this situation? Animals don’t generally accept taking pills like humans do – we can understand when medicine may be necessary when we’re sick, and we can take them ourselves so we can feel better. Unfortunately, our beloved pets don’t understand it the same way. Perhaps by talking to someone, they can help you figure out if your grandparents are trying to hurt or help your dog and you can have a discussion with them.


    • Have your grandparents taken your dog to the vet recently? If so, there may be a problem that your grandparents are trying to address, with the help of your dog’s vet. A good pet owner makes sure their pets go to the doctor, get regular check ups and medical care when they’re sick – just like parents do for children. Ask if you can go with them if they have a follow up appointment with the vet so you can know more about why your dog needs pills. The vet will answer questions for you, too, so you can help take care of your dog.
    • Consider writing your feelings down in a journal.  This will help you express your feelings while also helping you to prepare for a conversation with your grandparents. Try to narrow your concerns down to a few important ideas and keep that paper with you so you remember what you want to say.  Also remember that the best way to be heard and understood is to approach things calmly and try not to just blame or accuse the other person.
    • What are some ways you can help soothe yourself in stressful / sad / tense times (such as addressing challenging conversations or when a pet or loved one is sick)? Try taking a walk, deep breathing, visualization, doing artwork, or listening to music. Check out the Wellness section of the LEARN tab for some other idea.