I feel dumb…I pray, but is he answering?

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Hi, u saw my story about school and feeling like exploding well… I did and I just wanna give up. I feel dumb and stupid and I really wish life was easy but it’s not. I pray but, is he answering? I feel he is but deep down how will I know nothing has changed for me.


  • Thank you for writing in again, we appreciate being a part of your support system.
  • It sounds like you are saying you had a bit of an explosion, and now you feel a upset…that must have been quite difficult to go though. Please remember, feelings are not wrong or right…how we act on them is a better reflection of our character. It is okay to get upset and to feel low once in a while. It sounds as if your going through a rough patch.
  • I am glad you have your faith as one of your supports. You have asked, ” I pray but, is He listening?”Good question. Many young people ask this question. It can feel weird to pray to God especially when it doesn’t seem like you are receiving an answer right away, or your circumstances aren’t changing immediately. People believe different things about prayer but I can tell you answers don’t always come right away or in the way we think they will come. Also – we can pray in many ways. You may consider seeking out a spiritual leader from someone in your religion who could guide you in this more closely and answer questions.
  • In addition to this, have you considered  seeking out some good friends, a helpful teacher, or a guidance counselor? If you are struggling in school, again, you have to build up your positive supports to help you through the hardest part of the day. We agree with you that life is not easy but it can be much easier with a little work, patience, and some great support.


  • It sounds like you would benefit from checking out our TOOLS tab and utilizing some of the positive coping skills. We also have a section under our LEARN tab to help you cope with anger management. Because when we bottle up our emotions, sometimes they come out in untimely and less than ideal ways.
  • Keep your head up. Answers come with effort, patience, and open ears. Get yourself in a place that you feel great about you and the tough days will seem a little less tough. Look to the future, be open, and keep the faith.