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I just hate myself so much. I’m a terrible person and I’ve been like this since I was quite young. My mother always calls me evil.  She’s right,  but I sometimes make her look bad. I’m fairly well off. My father gives me unconditional love 24/7 and tries to resolve all my issues. I have lots of allergies, and I suffer from depression. My father’s a psychiatrist so he really works hard. But I’m wasteful, ungrateful, vindictive and manipulative, and I’m so sorry that he loves me so much. I’m his only daughter being a complete psychopath in every way. I know things are wrong, I lie consistently and smoothly, and I really just want to die before I can become a disappointment to my papa. I prefer being dead to me being alive and worthless.


You are not alone. Life can get tough, and so everyone feels down on themselves one time or another.

Take the time out to speak with a counselor, trusted adult, family friend, or even a professional like a therapist or psychiatrist (other than your father, to get a different point of view). This could help you to understand what you are going though and how to go about coping with your feelings and sorting them out.

It may be difficult at first but start to think positive thoughts about yourself. Instead of thinking you’re terrible, start to think you’re great. Whether you believe it or not, you serve a purpose in this lifetime. Start each morning with a purpose and begin to think you are full of worth, and that you are in this life to make a difference.

Start to appreciate everything and everyone around you. It would be difficult to feel sad when you recognize the beauty in life and beauty all around you.

Pick up some books that are focused on self – esteem, confidence, and  life skills. You may be able to get ideas on how to stay positive and think positively about yourself.

Start to get involved in your community by volunteering your time with a cause you care about. This will help you to recognize your awesomeness!

If you are contemplating suicide, please call CHILD HELP USA 1-800-422-4453. There are professional counselors there that will listen to what you have to say, the call is available 24/7, it’s confidential and it’s toll-free.


What are the positive things you can say about yourself?

How can you stay positive through tough moments in life?

How would you advise a good friend that was going through what you are going through? How can you employ the advice that you’d give to a close friend?