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I met this guy

By June 21, 2017No Comments

So the other day I met this guy who is so hot like fire. I met him at the park while I was playing basketball and he asked if he could play and he took off his shirt because it was sunny. After that he sort of asked me out on a date-ish like it’s at a local restaurant but I mean he asked me out!! The only problem is I am twelve years old and I don’t know how old he is I think he is 15 or so and I don’t think my parents would approve. I’m planning on just sneaking out since they’re always busy with work and probably won’t notice. Also I’m afraid he’s not going to like me that much if he finds out I’m only 12. Also what if he asks me out on another date? How will I keep it a secret? I need some tips on how to make sure my parents don’t find out. Don’t tell me it’s not safe. Don’t tell me that I should listen to my parents. I know this is true love and I’m in love.


  • It can be very exciting when someone is interested in you, especially if you are interested in them as well. Putting some thought into what to do next is definitely a good idea!
  • You mentioned that you don’t want to be honest with this guy about your real age, but think about it- solid relationships are built on trust. Lying about your age, or other things, might affect any relationship that you establish with this person moving forward. Plus, even though you find him attractive, if he is significantly older than you he could get into trouble legally by pursuing a relationship with you.
  • You mentioned that you don’t want to tell your parents, but it’s important for you to find some guidance, especially if this is your first relationship. Try seeking out another trusted adult who you can talk to- like a family member, teacher, guidance counselor or youth leader- they may be able to talk to you about your situation and even help you approach your parents.
  • You also mentioned that you are planning to sneak out- but that’s not a good way to go. This guy seems friendly and sweet- and maybe he is, but the reality is that you don’t really know much about him. Meeting him somewhere alone could be dangerous- especially if no one knows where you are. Plus, if your parents find out that you lied and went out without them knowing, you will probably lose their trust for any future outings that you might want to go on.
  • It’s clear that you want to get together with this person, but honesty and safety are things you should not compromise. Consider talking with your parents, perhaps with the support of another adult to create a solution that works for both of you- like meeting this person with a group of friends, instead of going solo.


  • What are the risks of meeting a stranger alone when no one knows where you are?
  • How could lying to this person affect your future relationship with him?
  • How could talking to a trusted adult help you create a better plan moving forward?
  • What is a compromise you could present to your parents for meeting this person?
  • What would happen if your parents found out that you lied and went out without them knowing?