I Now Feel Happy

By March 2, 2021No Comments

When self-isolation first started due to Covid-19 I did feel in a sense that I was lonely. I was always on the run to do something if I was at home or in the dojo or maybe even doing another talent. I was emotionally unhappy and that took a toll on me and caused me to feel unhappy. After some time alone I now feel the happiest I have ever been and I have started to believe in god more for my spiritual wellness and I have gotten some news that I will be the next owner of my dojo and that helps my financial health also I will be getting a job. Overall today my health in every way if it’s occupational, physical, and financial I now feel happy.


  • Great job! Here at TeenCentral we love hearing stories of people being able to overcome the challenges they are facing, so thank you for sharing your success with us. We find it inspirational and hope others can do the same.
  • One of the most important things you can do now is keep going. Build on the progress you’ve made by continuing to take steps each day to improve your overall wellness. We have many resources throughout this site to help you on this journey. Under the “Learn” tab we have a section on “Wellness” and within our “Tools” tab we have many awesome guides on things like running, yoga, and strength training.
  • An awesome trait of happiness is that it can be contagious. Taking time to stay connected to people and share some of your happiness may just rub off. Especially during this pandemic when feeling lonely is so common, finding creative ways to keep in contact can have great benefits for anyone.


  • Keep going! Push yourself to find more ways to increase your overall wellness and happiness. Aside from continuing to focus on your spiritual and physical wellness, what other ways can you make improvements? Maybe you can set some goals for yourself and write them down to track your progress towards achieving them.
  • What are the other activities and hobbies that you enjoy doing? With taking on the added responsibilities that come with owning a dojo and having a job, remembering to take time for yourself is hugely important to maintaining your happiness.