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I Resent Her

By May 30, 2023No Comments

earlier today i overheard my mother crap talking me per usual about how i do nothing and all i do is lay in bed playing on my computer. note it’s summer break and we were doing nothing this week! anyways, i struggle with servers depression, anxiety, and a bipolar disorder and she knows that but still loves to call me chica mala which really hurts me especially since i was in la amistad behavioral health services because of how bad my mental health was. anyways earlier today when i heard her talking about me i got up and asked just to make sure “hey, are you talking about me?” she said “yes i am you’re disgusting” and just kept going and going on about how shitty i am (my mothers a crazy narcissist btw) and she constantly threatens me and my 75 year old father, she uses him for all his money and then treats him like crap, so he goes through basically the same thing too. she began to charge at me and chase me through the whole house throwing objects at me and proceeding to beat me with her shoes, fists, and belt all infront of my 2 year old baby niece that we were watching that weekend. i can’t do this anymore it’s so mentally draining and exhausting she scares me and i hate to say it but i genuinely resent her


How to Help Yourself 

  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. The first step is always teh hardest and that is letting someone know what is going on. We appreciate you sharing your story with us.
  • It is never ok for someone to harm you. You can find our blog ” Getting help with abuse on your own“. I am included the link right here for you. This can give you some resources to assist in what is going on in your home.
  • Is there someone that you can talk to right now? This could be anyone from a family member, a friends family member, someone from your school. or any trusted adult that you may have in your life.  Letting someone know what is going can be beneficial in many ways. It can allow for us to get out how we are feeling, but also get some real-life advice from someone that we trust.

Consider This 

  • You had stated that you are on break. Take some of this time to find some things that could help with some crisis that you might be feeling. This could be anything from sketch journaling to journaling itself. When we write things down, we process things in a different way, and it allows for us to process through some rough feelings.
  • Is there a way for you to get out of the house maybe for a little?  There is great thing called grounding. You find a safe space outside and start by controlling your breathing by taking a deep breath in, and then you simply sit. Take in the sounds, smells, things that you feel (like the grass), and calm the mind and the body. This might even be fun to do with your father.
  • Lastly, have you ever tried to talk to your mom about how she is making you feel in a constructive way that is also still respectful?  We have a great tool called ” The Conflict Conversation Organizer ” this really looks at how to have a rough conversation about conflict in a constructive way.