I Want My Ex-boyfriend Back

By July 25, 2017No Comments

Help, my best friend is in love with my ex-boyfriend, but I want him back…!!!!!!


  • Deep emotions can get in the way when two friends care for the same person. You are being responsible by seeking help where many others would rush.
  • Often it’s better not to let boyfriend issues get in the way of a good friendship.
  • Question whether your ex-boyfriend is trying to create jealousy. People can be immature and sometimes enjoy the attention of making others fight over them. You never know what another person is thinking.
  • Participating¬†in a heated emotional situation isn’t good for you or anyone else. Try to consider the feelings of your friend and your ex¬†and make relationship decisions responsibly.
  • Do the right thing. If your best friend is your real friend then your relationship with her should come first. If you feel that your ex-boyfriend is more important, you may want to consider your friendship. Don’t risk losing a good friend because they are hard to find.
  • Consider talking to your friend- maybe she will understand how you feel about him. You may be able to keep your best friend and get your ex-boyfriend back by talking it over with her.
  • If your ex-boyfriend doesn’t come back to you, then maybe it wasn’t the right fit for him or for you. Find someone who truly loves and respects you, and sees your worth.


  • Have you considered how this may hurt the friendship you have between you and your best friend?
  • Is a boy more important than your best friend?
  • Have you thought about your best friend’s feelings and how you could honestly approach her about your own?