I’m a lesbian and my parents don’t know…

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So, I’m lesbian and my parents don’t know and before I write, this I’ll just say this I support anything, I support straight people and I was actually bi before I turned lesbian.  I turned lesbian like 4 months ago, I don’t like boys just girls now. So, I’m lesbian and I love that I was born in LGBTQ pride month of June which is amazing and I love seeing people like me on tik tok its just an amazing feeling. This is my first text on here please give me support. Yes I’m gay and my parents don’t know I’ve actually read an article here what to do if my parents don’t except me which is probably good cause my parents don’t like gay/lesbian and other sexualities other than straight people. I haven’t told them yet I’m lesbian so I know what to do if they don’t except me but can you guys tell what to do to come out its just weird feeling if my parents don’t except me but I have people who do so that’s good but please tell me what to do to come out give me support please.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with the TeenCentral community. Be proud of yourself for reaching out for help.
  • Check out our information on LGBTQ on the TeenCentral site under the “LEARN” tab under “Sexuality” for more specific and useful information (even specifically about coming out).
  • Do you have anyone you trust in your life that you could start the discussion with? A guidance counselor, therapist, best friend, or trusted adult. It may help you to start a dialogue with a real person in your life and move from there.
  • When you decide it is time to talk to your parents, you may want to start by having a general dialogue about sexuality. Perhaps watch a documentary together, discuss a recent news article, or discuss local/state/federal laws regarding LGBTQ. Be cautious about making assumptions about people though. Your parents might just surprise you…Also manage your expectations, as any discussion regarding changes (in their mind) may take time.


  • Please remember first and foremost coming out is a very personal process. No one can tell you how to do it or what exactly to do for your situation. That being said, you can look at some very reputable sites for support and to know you are not alone. People Magazine has a whole tab regarding famous people who have come out. Seventeen magazine has a youtube piece about teens coming out.
  • Regardless, always seek out your own path, be safe, be yourself, and certainly be careful what information you seek, share, and trust on the internet.
  • In the mean time, find ways to cope with your thoughts. We do have a useful “TOOLS” page that can help. There are great ideas there like taking a walk, exercising, yoga, art, and journaling. Find your happy, love yourself, and always put positivity out in to the world.