I’m Floating

By February 19, 2021No Comments

School is taking everything out of me and I don’t know what to do. I used to love school, especially given that I was a good student who did well. This new school is too much for me. They don’t let up with the work and, even putting my heart into everything that I do, they don’t appreciate it. I’m perpetually behind with work class work AND homework and I’m so close to giving up. I can’t stop crying and it’s like my body shuts down when I so much as think about doing the work. I don’t know why but I do everything to avoid what I’m meant to be doing because I know I’ll just end up getting frustrated that I didn’t do it but it’s like I physically and mentally just CANNOT.

I notice that when I do finally sit down to start it, I wash my hands like a lot. I don’t know if it’s a coping mechanism but I struggle to sit for 5 minute straight without felling the urge to do it.

I just wish I could be the old me, who liked school, who was social, who took care of herself, who had control yk – but now I am just so sad and the days feel the same and I’m not loving, just existing.


  • School can be very overwhelming, especially in the times we are in now. Just know you are not alone. We appreciate you reaching out to TeenCentral to get help. We are always here.
  • Something that may be helpful is prioritizing some of your school work and other activities. Check out this helpful tool to keep everything on track. It might help you stay organized with some of your assignments and not feel as overwhelmed. Give it a try.
  • Have you considered reaching out to one of your teachers or counselors at school? They might need to know how overwhelmed you are with your workload in order to help you with some of your frustrations. Or maybe even a parent or trusted adult that can support you through your school work. Asking for help is ok.


  • Our bodies tend to let us know when they have had too much. It is the body’s way of letting us know to slow down. Try taking time to yourself everyday when you are starting to feel like it’s too much. Find a quiet space where you can take close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
  • Yoga is always a good stress reliever and can be helpful to boost your mood and calm your mind. Check out this yoga tool for more help. Not only will it help take your mind off of school, its a great way to stay active and connected with your body.
  • Remember you are doing a great job! School is tough and you are making it through. One day at a time is all that you can do. Repeat after me… You are doing awesome!