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I’m over life

By December 20, 2023No Comments

I have “friends” but really I’m just a backup friend and I try too hard for people who dont care about me. my own family doesn’t give a shit about me. I put on smiles when I’m broken inside. I change for other people who don’t care and it’s not fair. I’m over life.


  • Stay with us. You do matter and are not alone in this. And we really thank you for reaching out to us for support. It takes a lot of strength and courage to find help. The TeenCentral community is here for you.
  • If you need help right now – it’s always available. All you have to do is call or text 988 and someone will be there. You can also text “HOME” to 741741. It’s very important to us that you use these supports if you ever feel unsafe or need help right away. We care about you and want you to be safe. We have a lot of other helpful resources on our site for once you feel up to it. We especially encourage you to check out our Tools and Learn tabs to help give you additional knowledge and supports to work through tough times.
  • We also feel like it’s really important and helpful to talk to someone in person about your thoughts and feelings. Do you have any positive adults you can talk to like a teacher, counselor, coach or spiritual leader?


  • It sounds like you have a lot on your mind and heart, and that can be tough to sort through and cope with. But it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself, so you can put the “broken” pieces back together. One great way is with journaling. You can journal many ways – free writing, answering questions, or writing a story. Here’s a great post that could help you get started: Journaling as a Coping Skill for Stress | TeenCentral
  • It can feel lonely and depressing when you don’t think the people around you care about you. When you feel this way, do you have any positive coping skills that help you feel better? It can be anything that makes you happy – coloring, exercising, talking to a friend, cleaning, etc. What are your top 3? If you don’t know them, you should think about it and maybe even make a list. Here are a few that you can learn to start:
    1.  Using Music to Cope
    2.  A Breathing Exercise to Help with Anxiety
    3.  Stretching with a Morning Yoga Pose
  • If you feel like your friends might not be true friends or appreciate you, maybe it’s time to make some more connections. What are the hobbies and things you like to do for fun and are there any groups or clubs that have similar hobbies? You might even find a new hobby that you can do on your own that still makes you happy. No matter what, we know you can get through this.