I’m Thinking About Ending It All

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i don’t know if you’re going to even look at this because there’s no hope for someone like me. i have parents that don’t love me and i know you’re probably thinking. they probably do every parent loves their child but my parent’s actually don’t. they hate me they told me that and i never felt love around them. im not very smart either so it’s like theirs no motivation to keep going, i get horrible grades, even though i was once a straight a student and im slowly giving up. i have no friends so there’s no escape to talking to them or feeling happy for a bit. im a girl and ugly so i get made fun of a lot like don’t say that “everyone is beautiful” i am so ugly like if you saw me in real life you would throw up. im just screaming in my head. im so broken.


  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! PLEASE KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE ONLY A PHONE CALL or TEXT away that can assist you. Please call – 1-800-273-8255, there is someone on the other line 24/7 or you can text someone at HELLO to 741741.
  • Are you in IMMEDIATE DANGER? PLEASE DIAL 911 RIGHT NOW. We want you to be here.
  • You have taken a very hard first step – speaking up and saying you are not ok. Asking for help is the first step. We know you have a lot of doubts, but speaking up and finding a way to be heard is very brave.


  • You are in need of a really strong support system, and there are many people in our lives that can be supportive – you just need to share your story with them. It has to feel pretty lonely to think that your parents don’t love you and you don’t have friends. Sometimes, supportive people can be found in different places than we would typically look – like here at TeenCentral. Think beyond parents and friends to other people in your life – other family members, neighbors, teachers, guidance counselors, spiritual leaders. Could you tell one person in your life that you are not ok and that you need help? Check out this Support Plan to help think this through:
  • Check out the LEARN section about Suicide for some information that may be helpful, you can find it here: One of the most important things to remember is that these feelings may pass, even when you think they won’t.
  • It is important to find hope in these times when you are feeling very down. What is one thing that is worth living for? Consider a pet, something you enjoy, something you are good at doing. Challenge yourself to come up with an answer. When you find hope in one thing, the light will start to shine brighter.
  • It sounds like you may be struggling with depression, which can really take a toll on your thinking and focus, and cause your grades to drop. Check out the LEARN section also about Depression to see if you relate to the information. You can find it here: Depression is a treatable illness that you can recover from with help. You can tell your regular doctor, school nurse, or any medical professional about this and they can help you get connected.
  • There are many tools that we would like you to check out. There’s a Depression resource that may help: Also, consider devoting time to take care of yourself, either using meditation, prayer, going outside, taking deep breaths, listening to music – whatever works for you. Try to do at least 10 minutes a day, but sky’s the limit! Check out the TOOLS section as well as WHAT’S NEW and LEARN (WELLNESS) for some resources. You need and deserve time that brings some calm and peace – even if right now that’s only for a few minutes at a time. That is what will help you through these dark times.