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I’m very dark….

By July 15, 2022No Comments

I don’t have any friends I have never dated anyone or had a physical relationship with anyone. I only get a guy talk to me for one week. My emotional and mental, I’m very dark. I have a high impulsive of anger at home and to my mother it getting worse of year. I have ADHD. I also have let out my angry to my mother at home my home is my safe place my break zone I have tried to get that area and or zone somewhere else in public but I can’t. I want help, so I turn to my help that help me when I was 12 years old now I’m 22.


  • We are grateful you received help from us in the past and that you feel comfortable enough to share your story again. It sounds as if you have several things going on right now from what you shared. It can feel stressful and overwhelming when there is too much going on at once.
  • It sounds like you are expressing that you are lonely and wishing for connections with others. Furthermore it sounds as if you are feeling a bit dark, impulsive and angry and that you are trying to expand the safe space beyond the walls of your home.
  • Although we specialize in resources and information for teens an youth, the National Suicide Hotline and the Crisis lines that we offer on our HELP tab are universal and we recommend programming them in to your phone.


  • Now that you are in your twenties, consider broadening your horizons and your experiences. One thing that should be in your favor now that you are older is a little more autonomy. Try engaging in meaningful work, plant a garden, volunteer with animals, help build something for Habitat for Humanity, take a drive or a trip, join a recreation league or a YMCA, look for a support group near you.
  • Thing about getting your feelings out in healthy ways, pick up a journal or diary. Talk to a therapist. Seek a peer support or mentor. Excercise. Listen to music. Create something to let the feelings out.