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Hello. And Bye.


  • Sometimes it can feel weird to try something new like an online resource. TeenCentral is happy you have found us! Allow us to introduce ourselves.
  • First – this site is completely anonymous. Even if you give us your name and other identifying information in your story we take that information out before publishing the story. This eliminates the possibility of bullies or other perpetrators finding you and using what you’ve written against you. So you can open up to TeenCentral and honest without worrying.
  • Second – TeenCentral’s most visited tab is the HELP tab. There you will find many hotlines where you can call, text or chat when you are feeling upset. Many of the hotlines are dedicated to specific situations that may related to a challenge you are facing. I’d encourage you to check it out.
  • The LEARN tab is the educational tab. There are numerous topics there that can guide you deeper into the knowledge you already have about things that are concerning you. Click on the Learn tab and select the topic most relevant to you.
  • The TOOLS tab provides several downloadables for you to print and use on your own if they relate to issue you are trying to handle. There are booklets, guide sheets and more in that section.


  • TeenCentral is always adding new content and kids are always writing new stories for you to see. It helps to know that you’re not going through all of this alone. Also look for What’s New blogs that are often added to the site with new ideas and insights to help.
  • Keep coming back to visit us!