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Is it anxiety?

By June 21, 2017No Comments

How do you know you have anxiety?


  • If you are wondering whether you have anxiety, then you might be feeling that you are under a lot of stress and feeling worried a lot.  You may have heard that anxiety is a disorder that may require therapy or other treatments and want to know what to do.
  • The best way to determine whether or not you have anxiety is to visit a professional who can speak with you and make a determination.  Consider talking to your parents about your concerns.  If you don’t feel comfortable approaching your parents, consider talking to another adult you trust at school, at your place or worship or another family member.  An adult will help you find the right professional to speak with.
  • Everyone feels stressed sometimes.  However, too much stress can make you miserable.  Look for warning signs that you are under too much stress.  Some people who experience extreme stress have difficulty sleeping, get sick, cry for no apparent reason, feel restless and anxious or find themselves worrying all the time.  Others feel sad or angry or withdraw from friends and family.  Think about whether you find yourself with these feelings often.  Consider keeping track of how often you feel this way.
  • In addition to seeking some help from an adult, think about ways to decrease your stress level.  Some people find it helpful to write their feelings down, talk to people about how they are feeling, and get more exercise.  For others, cutting back on activities and taking the time to laugh or sleep in can help.
  • To read more about anxiety, you can visit the “Anxiety” page on TeenCentral, under the Learn tab on the homepage. You can also check out the TeenCentral Tools for some helpful activities to combat stress and anxiety- like yoga poses and a support plan!


  • Who are some adults that you may be able to talk to about your worries?
  • If you made a list of some of the ways that stress affects you, what would be on it?
  • If you made a list of some activities that you can easily do to help combat your stress and worries, what would be on you list?