Just Not Feeling Myself

By November 16, 2021No Comments

I’m just not feeling myself, I always feel out of energy, sick, and stressed out. My head always hurts and I always feel like imma throw up.


  • Thank you for taking the first step and reaching out to our TeenCentral community. It takes a lot of courage and self-awareness to recognize when there is something different going on with your body. We are glad to hear that you are listening to your body as stress can have a negative impact on your health.
  • Definitely if your body feels unwell, it is also good to make sure that you are keeping up with your physical health and that you see a doctor routinely. In addition to that, since you are so keenly in tune with your wellness, you might find some interest in our LEARN tab under the subheading WELLNESS. There is some great information for taking care of your whole self.
  • Consider talking to a trusted person in your life. Do you have any support systems, such as a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, religious leader, family member, or a long term friend? Sometimes its just good to sit with someone and let them know how you are feeling. Many people feel stress. You are not alone. If it has something to do with your physical health, that person may be able to advise in that area as well. Sometimes we hold too much in and often an objective opinion can help identify some of the roots of our stress.


  • There are lots of great, and reputable, resources to find out more about how you are feeling and how to cope. The first step is realizing you are not alone, which we hope you find similar stories within our community on the STORIES tab. You can also find great resources on stress and stress relief online with TEDtalks, through National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), and also most counties are required to share local resources on their county homepage.
  • Build your support system and find some great outlets for your feelings. Our TOOLS page has a lot of great ideas such as getting in to nature, journaling, using art as a coping skill. Find a new hobby or have the courage to try something new that you want to learn like playing music or writing a story. Also, enhance the natural supports around you by perhaps joining a club, a sport, volunteering, or looking in to a part time job if you are old enough.
  • Lastly, keep up the good work. It sounds like, even though you are not feeling yourself, you seem as if you have good self-awareness and the courage to try new things. Take care of the things you can control, try to eat well, sleep enough, and surround yourself with healthy people and positive energy.