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Just Sad

By April 1, 2024No Comments

I feel sad all the time, but nothing really happened. I’m just sad


  • Thank you for writing to TeenCentral, it must be scary and maybe a bit lonely feeling so sad all the time and not knowing why. Hopefully TeenCentral can help you findout why and maybe a few new coping skills along the way.
  • If you ever find yourself feeling so sad that you just don’t know what to do, consider texting the word “HOME” to 741741. This is the Crisis Textline where counselors are available to chat 24/7. They also are available on their website and WhatsApp! Their website has plenty of resources and tools for your toolbox.
  • Have you even talked to anyone about you feeling so sad? How about your parents/guardians? Any trusted adults at school such as Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Coaches? How about your doctor? Talking to your Guidance Counselor or Doctor are always great options. They have much knowledge about resources in your area such as support groups/activities for teens, Professional Therapists, and even guidance for speaking to you parents/guardians about what is going on so they can better help and support you.


  • TeenCentral has many resources on our website. Consider clicking on the Learn tab. Here you will find some educational pages covering topics such as Depression and Wellness including more specific Wellness topics such as Being Active, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Spirituality. Wellness is very important and this section includes different Wellness topics such as Emotional Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness , Spiritual Wellness , Financial Wellness, and Occupational Wellness.
  • If you head over to our What’s New page, you will find articles and blog entries about many things from how to handle holiday stress to how to Strengthen Your Mental Wellness and everything in between!
  • Sometimes our sadness can be triggered by situations around us, people, or even conflict between us and these people or situations. Head over to our Tools page. Check out the Conflict Conversation Organizer tool. This tool will help you discovers the root and how to address it with people. You can find many other helpful tools on this page such as activity sheets to help you develop your Support Plan and who you have fighting along side you, Depression and your Weekly Mood Tracker.
  • And last, but certainly not least, do you have any coping skills? Coping skills are things that you use to deal with and manage the big emotions that come up in life. Big emotions life SADNESS that doesn’t go away isn’t going to get better on it’s on. We have to cope with that emotion while we are feeling it.
  • Coping skills can be simply walking, coloring, or painting. Or even things such as reading/writing, building small crafts, listening to or playing/writing music, musical instruments, or lyrics. Coping skills have no limit and are what brings you joy to fill your time. Many people report that as much as they struggle to get up to exercise, they enjoy the feeling and rush of positive energy that comes after. Exercise produces the happy juices (endorphins) in our brains that make us feel good and help us be more resilient.

Please don’t stay isolated. Reach out and tell someone about near you about your sadness!