Lonely Girl

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Hello. I have no friends. All of my friends only talk to other people from outside of class. I have no social media and I don’t have any supporters on the only platform I do have. I just want someone to support me.


  • Feeling like you have no one in your corner when you need someone most is never a good feeling. You are supporting yourself just by reaching out to TeenCentral.
  • Check out the sports and activity logs at your school and consider joining one or more that interest you most. Doing so will open doors to meeting more people. In fact, you already have something in common with them if you are playing the same sport or are Interested in the same activity.
  • Shift your mind towards genuine support over the forced support. You may want to stay away from people who do not reciprocate what you put out for them.
  • It is important to value the support you give yourself over the need and want from others. Be kind to yourself and a happier you awaits.


  • Aside from friends who are some adults that could provide support to  you?
  • Why is it important to refrain from wanting forced support from others?
  • What other places can you find good and positive friends? Ex. Gym, Church etc.