Managing depression

Managing depression

Depression, an old friend

Consider This:

Thank you for writing your story on TeenCentral.  It is common to have some recurring episodes of depression.  It does seem that there have been times that you have recovered from depression, so please realize that this will pass.  You might have to reach out for some help and support as well as take some action to help you recover.

It is important to recognize the early symptoms of the depression and take action then.  One thing that could be important is to communicate this depression to someone who can help you.  This could be a relative, a family friend, a counselor, or even calling a mental health hotline.  Take a look at the variety of hotlines listed on Teen Central and write it down on a card or take a picture with your phone so you have it when you need it. For today, make a commitment to talk to someone.

Also, find something you enjoy and engage in it in, even for a  few minutes.   Any kind of physical activity, even a walk, will help your body respond to depression by engaging endorphins.

Help Yourself:

After looking at TeenCentral website, what hotline numbers would you consider calling when you need help?

Who are several people you could contact when you are feeling depressed?

What would you want to tell others about your depression?

What  kind of activities could you engage in to help your body heal?