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I feel like I’m going crazy. Almost nothing feels like reality. It feels like I’m watching over my own life, but not in the moment something is actually happening. It’s like when I replay memories of what has happened it makes me think maybe it’s not real. Maybe it never happened, maybe I am remembering it differently. Maybe I’m leaving something out. I fear I’ll forget something whether it’s good or bad. I hate forgetting and I hate this feeling.

Help Yourself:

  • It certainly sounds like you have a lot of confusing thoughts in your life right now that can be very overwhelming. First take a deep breath and recognize how brave you are to reach out to Teen Central and express these thoughts. Sometimes it’s hard enough to put these thoughts into words let alone try to explain them to others and ask for help.
  • If you ever find yourself stuck in these thoughts or concerns and feel like there is no one you can talk to, feel free to reach out to LifeLine at 1-800-273-8255 or here on their website. If you feel like you need immediate assistance and are not comfortable speaking on the phone simply text “Hello” to 741-741. 
  • Do you have anyone in your life such as a close family member, friend, or perhaps a school counselor that you would feel comfortable with enough to turn to for support/guidance or even to just tell them about these thoughts? Sometimes just being able to talk about what is going on in our minds is enough to help make sense of everything.


Consider these options:

  • Try focusing these thoughts and feelings on hobbies. Do you have any hobbies? Perhaps art such as drawing/coloring/painting.
  • Many people benefit through journaling. Journaling is a great way to express ourselves with zero fear of judgment or pressure from others.
  • Do you enjoy the outdoors or sports? Being outside in nature helps to calm the mind and body. Something as simple as taking walks or hikes can be very invigorating. Maybe join a gym or organized sport. These physical activities help to channel and focus our minds not to mention all the health benefits that come with them.
  • If you find yourself with the time, please explore the What’s New tab, Learn tab and the Tools tab on Teen Central’s homepage. The Learn tab is where you will find information about Wellness including Being Active and Relaxation. You will discover guides and activities for Yoga  / Yoga Journal  even Depression in the Tools tab along with many other helpful tips. In the What’s New tab you will have the opportunity to read blogs about many different topics that may be appealing to you.