My Dad Lied to Me. What Do I Do?

My Dad Lied to Me. What Do I Do?

I was in a full-time KidsPeace facility for a week, but I wasn’t ready to get out because I lied. My dad said if I lied that I would get out but I never saw him when I got out. It turns out he lied and he got himself into a problem, but he’s not getting out in a while. Because of that, I can’t see him for a while. He ruined everything that my mom and I were trying to achieve with my health. I don’t know what to do. Should I get help over again or should I just move away to New York with my mom as planned? I love my mom; she’s the only reason why I’ve come this far. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be on track. I’m still only 12 years old and I don’t know what to do. I wonder if I should beg my mom to stay here a bit longer for help since she can’t afford treatment in New York.  I mean, their facility locks us in rooms if we act up and we get blood-work twice a week like guinea pigs. I need an answer. Should I go to New York or get another treatment from KidsPeace and pay no mind to my dad? Please respond.


  • Not being able to trust your own father can make you feel alone and worried. You are smart for trying to make decisions independently despite whatever has happened between you and your dad.
  • It’s wrong that you cannot trust your own dad. He should be responsible enough as a parent, to be honest with his own child. Sometimes parents make decisions without considering the consequences, like we all sometimes do.
  • Ultimately your mental and physical health are what’s important here. Making a decision that promotes your emotional and physical well being would be in your best interests right now.
  • Before you go to New York you can try talking to your mom about your options over the phone or ask a trusted adult about what you should do.  Try to ask someone who knows you well or even someone you feel comfortable talking to. This can be a trusted adult like a school counselor, teacher or relative, for example. Making the most informed decision possible before acting is always best.
  • If you go to New York and you aren’t able to pay for treatment at a facility you may have other options. Your mom might be able to get financial assistance for you. There are different types of treatments to consider depending on your issue. You or your mother could research these and search for financial aid options if necessary.
  • You have the choice to question whether the facility treats you with the respect you deserve or not. If it doesn’t, find one that does or get treatment in another way. Other treatments may include seeing a psychologist or eating healthy and exercising. You can research treatments or ask a trusted adult like your mom or a doctor about your options.
  • The Teen Central website has useful information that may be able to help with your issues. Just click the Learn tab and check if yours is there if you’d like. If you need someone to talk to, you can click the Help tab and call the Crisis Textline or one of the other numbers.


  •  In what ways could you staying with your dad negatively affect your overall well-being? What are the pros and cons of staying with him?
  • What do you think is the best path to take that will be best for your health and future?
  • How can you commit to only being in trusting relationships and not destructive ones?