My Dog Rosie

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My dog rosie
my grandpa has been abusing my dog and it hurts me every time he does it makes me start crying he keeps saying that she is going to hurt one of us. I think that is because are last dog bit him it was the same kind of breed but im scared he is going to put her down like are last dog bull the one that bit him that hurt me so much i love her so much she is like my kid it hurts me a lot.

(This story was posted at the same time as the above story. We believe they are the same, so we combined them.) so i just got a dog about a year ago and my grandpa started hitting her because she barks i try to get her to quit but she won’t sometimes and recently he got a huge stick that i know it is probably hurting her so much i want to speak up but im scared she is so sweet she is a american bulldog he keeps saying she is going to hurt someone or bite me i think thats because are last bulldog bit my papa i don’t know what to do he hit her tonight it hurts me and starts making me want to cry she listens to me more than anything i love her so much she is like my child.

HELP YOURSELF (and your beloved dog):

  • Thank you for trusting TeenCentral! All creatures deserve to be cared for and safe. We often talk about taking care of ourselves or other people, but we know that our pets often hold important places in our hearts.
  • Luckily, just there are police officers and lots of helping professionals that are there to help you if you are being hurt, there are people that will help when animals are being hurt or neglected. You have some options. You can search for the local humane society or SPCA or other animal protection agency in your area by typing in “report pet abuse (your county/city and your state)“. Many animal protection agencies have a way for you to report abuse online (sometimes anonymously) or a number you can call. Also, it is ok to call the police and ask for help, too. Another option is to text HELLO to 741 741 and ask for help.
  • Is there anyone in your family you can talk to about your worry and fears about your dog? It sounds like your grandpa is worried about your dog hurting you or other people from his past experience. When something scary or dangerous happens to us, we can start to believe it will happen again if we are in a similar situation and we do things for the sake of protecting ourselves or others that sometimes doesn’t work out well. It may help to have another family member with you to talk with your grandpa. Perhaps also a family member could offer to take in your dog for a little while so she’s safe.


  • Dog obedience school can help dogs learn good behavior and follow simple rules that can decrease unwanted or upsetting behavior. Consider talking with your grandpa or other family members about taking your dog to obedience school. People don’t automatically know how to safely care for dogs, and obedience is one way to learn. Another option is to read online about dog obedience, especially dealing with problem behaviors like biting. Dogs sometimes bite because they are afraid, not just because they are trying to hurt someone. There are lots of professionals that give good advice about how to manage these behaviors and keep everyone safe. Maybe you and your grandpa can read about this together.
  • You mentioned that your dog is an American bulldog. There are lots of rescue organizations that specialize in certain breeds and know a lot about that breed’s personality, care and needs. You could look up online about American Bulldog rescues and call one to ask how to deal with biting behaviors in that breed. They may have some suggestions you didn’t know about.
  • It’s important to take care of yourself during this stressful time, too. Things that we enjoy doing can often be shared with our pets, like taking walks, sitting outside in the sun, etc. Pets also enjoy quiet time and may enjoy sitting with you while you read or listen to music.