My Friend Exposed Me To My Crush

By November 21, 2019No Comments

I have trouble making new friends. I don’t have many friends.  I’ve had them for a really long time so I’m not used to trying to make new ones or talk to more people. I can be socially awkward and part of my anxiety issues is having to talk to new people. So, because of this, I’ve never interacted with my crush. Saying hi is so difficult so my friend was going to help me start a conversation with my crush. I ended up not saying hi because I didn’t want to interrupt my crush who was talking to their friend. My friend then runs up to them and tells them my full name, what class I’m in, and that I’ve wanted to talk to them. I’m not mad at my friend but now I’m really nervous to be around my crush now that they know that I like them and I feel like they might find that creepy.


  • It is a hard thing to admit to someone you like because of the fear of rejection, and if they don’t like you back. It is hard enough to make new friends let alone talking to a crush.
  • Know that you are special and that you are worth it. No matter what happens with your crush, you are important. Besides, although you might have very strong feelings for your crush, whether they feel the same toward you it won’t change who you truly are.
  • Maybe when you are ready you can see if your crush would like to hang out. Many people feel that hanging out with a small group of friends tends to alleviate some of the nervousness of dating for the first time.
  • Take some time to do some self care and know that you are important. Make time to do something you like to do that is nice. Like exercise, watch your favorite movie or TV show, go out with friends, take some time outside and enjoy nature, etc


  • What are some qualities that you do have to make friends?
  • What would happen if you could get your friends and your crush’s friends to do something? How could you make this happen?
  • What are some self care things you do to help you relax and feel better about the situation?