My Friend Is Suicidal

By November 12, 2020No Comments

I think my friend is going to commit suicide! HELP!!


  • Thank you for contacting TeenCentral for help in this scary situation. You need help IMMEDIATELY. We want you to call 911 and tell the police in your area what is happening. Give them your friend’s name, where he/she/them lives and as much information that you know. Do not worry about betraying anyone’s trust. In these situations it goes beyond that. You are saving your friend’s life. Call. Now.


  • After you’ve made the call we strongly suggest that you come back to our website and explore the LEARN and TOOLS tab, specifically looking at the information on relationships, depression and suicide. We also want YOU to be safe. This is a VERY stressful situation and taking care of YOU is extremely important.
  • Being brave and doing the right thing takes a lot out of a person. You may want to talk about it with someone in person. Can you trust talking to a parent or guardian? Guidance counselor? Is there another trusted adult that could support you? We are thinking of you today and hoping you are safe during this time.