My mom hits me for no reason.

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My mom hits me for no reason.


  • Thank you for reaching out to the TeenCentral community. It took great courage to write in to us and share your story.
  • First and foremost, if you believe you are being abused, get somewhere safe. We have a blog post about “Getting Help for Abuse During the Pandemic” on our WHATS NEW tab.
  • One of the more important parts of our post links you to helpful resources to keep you safe including, “Contact the Child Help USA National Hotline. This is a resource that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 170 different languages. If you are suffering from child abuse, this hotline can help. Simply call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or visit them online at ” If you are not in PA that’s okay. You can tell the person on the line what state you live in and they will help you with the right number for your state.
  • Also, try talking to someone at school such as a teacher or a guidance counselor they are mandated reporters (people who have to help you) and they can listen to you, and link you to resources such as in home therapy or outpatient therapy and county involvement. Having online help is great, but having live people available in the moment is even better.


  • If there is stuff going on at home you may at times have feelings of anger, anxiety, or depression. Please look at our LEARN tab as there is information on each of these topics to help you out. Also, you may benefit from reading the stories of others on here who share similar circumstances. This will probably remind you that you are not alone in your circumstance.
  • Lastly, take care of yourself. Check out our TOOLS tab for content on ways to soothe yourself during tough times. Like taking a walk outside, journaling, writing a song, making something for Earth Day, or picking up a new hobby.