My mom is abusive

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my mom is sooo abusive. today my math teacher called her (don’t judge me for this please), saying that I haven’t done work in over a week. when the voicemail ended she hit me with an umbrella. I get that I should be doing work but my arm is sore, and so is my back (where she hit me). I have no one to talk to about this. please help.

First Thing’s First:

  • Thank you for reaching out the Teen Central about this confusing and hurtful issue with your mom. We’re glad you’re looking for help and support!
  • Please make sure you are not physically injured or need any sort of medical care. In any situation that someone hurts you and you are injured, go to a neighbor right away or call 911 and go to a safe place in the house until police arrive. It’s their job to make sure that everyone is safe.
  • There are other people in your area that are ready to help you as well. If you google “child abuse services in my area” you will be able to find people that can help you and your mom work on your relationship and be safe together.
  • Two other resources for immediate help: 1-800-422-4453 (National Child Help Hotline, 24/7) or, or text HELLO to 741741 or go to There is always someone ready to help!

When You’re Ready:

  • It sounds like the problem between you and your mom was sparked by another problem about your schoolwork. Many kids have had a really hard time dealing with doing schoolwork at home, or on a hybrid schedule between home and school. The schedule is not easy and it’s hard to stay motivated. What’s getting in the way of you being able to complete your work? Are you distracted, having a hard time figuring out how to balance your time, struggling to find the energy? If any of these things sound like you, check out the LEARN section for information about Depression. Depression is more than just being sad – it can slowly take a big toll on your energy, your interests, your relationships and your responsibilities. If the symptoms make sense, ask a trusted adult (like a guidance counselor or teacher), or use that crisis textline, to find some help.
  • Do you have any trusted adults in your life that you can talk to, and that may be able to help you talk with your mom about what’s happening in your relationship? Sometimes having another person, like a family member, spiritual or community leader, neighbor or family friend there with you both can help buffer a heated situation and help you talk to each other. Think about who you could ask to help you.
  • Make sure you’re doing things to boost your energy and help you feel better throughout the day. Taking just 10 minutes to go outside, take a walk, listen to some music or anything that you enjoy can really help! Take a look at the LEARN and TOOLS sections for information about Wellness, as well as ideas about yoga poses and meditation that may help.