My Mom Loves Me

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my mom loves me

Thank you for sharing with us…

  • Welcome to the TeenCentral Community and thank you for sharing about your relationship with your mother. If you haven’t already you should spend some time reading stories about families that have been shared here. It’s always okay to share very positive stories and also stories that are not always positive about our families. We are glad that you feel love from your mother today!
  • Some food for thought… How is your mom showing you love today? This is something that could benefit other readers on TeenCentral and could benefit you thinking through as well. Our relationships with our parents are our primary caregivers and are our templates for future relationships. So, when we think about the things they say and do to show us love those are the things we want to look for in others for positive loving relationships.
  • Do you have other family members with whom you are close as well? It’s always good to keep developing good strong bonds with people in your life – especially other trusting adults, if you can. The reason for this is so that when or if hard times come in life you can lean on them for help.

Something else that might be helpful…

  • Helping relationships are very helpful in life but we’d like to recommend that you also start writing down some of your thoughts and feelings in a JOURNAL. This is a very good way to support yourself when things are going well, and when they are not going well. We recommend that you read this “What’s New” blog about Journaling for more information.