My Mother Bullies Me

By February 19, 2019No Comments

My mother is asking me if I’d rather go to a boarding school instead of living with the family. To be sure, I could care less! But why? Does she really hate me that bad that she wants me gone? What did I do? How can I change? I’m super lost. It feels like my heart is gone! It feels like I have no more emotions. I probably sound like a total moron but…that’s just how i feel. My mother was saying very awful things to me today. Like, “All you do is sit in your room and play on your computer” and “No wonder you’re depressed! You don’t do anything and just eat junk!” Wow mom…that really helps with my depression. She always asks me to go to the gym but I have no car!!!! Am I really that out of shape that I need to go?! I already figure skate for a couple of hours a day! How much more does she want from me?! When I talked to my mother again, I brought up what she said to me. She then said back to me, “You’re putting words in my mouth! I would never say that to you!” Why would I make this up? To get attention? No! That is the total opposite thing I wanna do!! After I hung up the phone, I just sat on the ground and started crying. There were people around me, but why would they care. I don’t have a lot of friends but the one friend I did know came up to me and talked to me. She helps me through my problems. She’s amazing. When I was alone and crying, I just wanted to die. I wanted to end everything. But that’s the thing, I don’t wanna die. I want to grow up, live a life, get married! Thank God I have some friends to help me remember that.


  • Being treated badly by anyone can make you feel confused and depressed. You are strong for reaching out for help.
  • You can go to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab then Bullying to better understand the issue.
  • If you need someone to talk to you can head to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab to call one of the hotlines. You can try speaking to a trusted therapist, school counselor or religious leader if you’d like.
  • Depression is a serious mental health issue. Knowledge is power. You can go to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab then Depression to learn more.
  • Being hopeful can keep you’re depression from spiraling out of control into a worse issue. Having something to look forward to can help, such as a movie you’re going to see or book you’re reading. Read inspiring quotes to get motivated.
  • Art can help you express your feelings in a healthy way. It’s also therapeutic. Painting, drawing, coloring in a coloring book, listening to music and playing a musical instrument are activities to explore.
  • Positivity has the power to change someone’s life. You can write a few things you’re grateful for in a daily journal. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself each day to slowly change your state of mind to a positive one.
  • Practice self love by caring for your mind, body and spirit. You deserve to respect yourself. You can try staying away from people who only bring you down as much as possible. Be brave enough to be yourself and you’ll find real friends who genuinely care about you. Know how important your life is and make an honest effort for it because you deserve to live the life you really want.


  • In what ways can living your life in a healthy way and ignoring your mom’s cruelty make your life easier?
  • How can focusing on positivity, instead of your mom’s bullying, help you have a better future ?
  • Is there anything you can learn from the bad things that happen to you?
  • How is expressing your emotions a positive way to let your feelings out?
  • In what ways can maintaining a spiritual mindset make your life more meaningful?
  • What are the differences between ethical women who genuinely care about people and petty, cruel women?
  • How can you make sure you don’t follow in your mom’s footsteps by becoming a mean woman?