My Mother Found Out I am a Lesbian

My Mother Found Out I am a Lesbian

My mom found out I was lesbian. She now hates me and she wants to kick me out of the house. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. I’m very confused and I feel like there is no one to support me. My partner and I thought of eloping, but we have no money because we are young.


You are not alone. There are many people in  your situation,  and many have overcome the same hurdles.

Talk to a trusted adult or a good friend of the family that can talk with you and your mom at the same time, who can help to try to work things out. It may not be easy but your mom may also have some strong feelings about this issue. Having a friend of the family talk to the both of you may help her to be more understanding. 

You can also try and speak with a family therapist. You and your mom can share your feelings in a safe space.  

Try searching for stories like yours  on Some of the responses may be helpful in dealing with what you are going through and the “Help Yourself” sections may give you ideas of how to cope. 

It’s understandable that you would be confused and scared at this point in your life. Try reading a book that’s geared toward your situation or joining a group of other women that are also going through what you are going through. Knowledge is power, and so every experience where you can gain knowledge can be a teaching point and help you cope and deal with whatever situation you are going through. 


Who can you talk to about the situation you are dealing with currently with your mom? 

What sections on would be particularly helpful? 

How might your mom be feeling after finding out you are lesbian? 

What steps can you start to take to feel less alone and less confused?