My Story

By October 30, 2020No Comments

I started having anxiety two years ago and it’s gotten worse throughout the year but I am getting better while talking with friends and I came on here to help and make friends I am a good support system for people.


  • Everyone deserves a good support system! You have come to the right place, TeenCentral is here to listen to your story. Thanks for reaching out.
  • Check out the “What’s New” tab on TeenCentral, there’s a great blog called “Calm Your Breathing- Anxiety Help”. This might just be what you need to help manage your anxiety.
  • Continuing to talk about your anxious thoughts and feelings is important. Keep communicating with your friends. Do you have a trusted adult you can talk to in addition to your friends? Maybe a family member, teacher, or neighbor? Having both perspectives may be valuable.


  • How can you continue to manage your anxiety? What coping skills do you currently use? If you need additional or different coping skills, you can find some under the “Learn” tab on Teen Central. Go to “Anxiety”, then “Coping Skills”. Physical exercise, yoga, reading a book, art, and others are listed. Find several coping skills that work for you and when you start to feel anxious use them.
  • As you continue to manage your anxiety and feel better how can you continue down this positive pathway? Try journaling some of the positive thoughts daily. Helping others can make us feel happy and give us purpose. How can you support or help others?