My Story…

My Story…

My story is closely related to “I have too many problems”. It’s not the same but I am a 12th grader. I like a person named Gabe but I don’t like my step brother and my mom is doing good with the whole cancer thing. My mom has cancer. I get bullied by people that I care about. My dad is a jackass. I really like this guy I can have. I have a lot of younger guy friends and yea. But that is not my story. My story consists of when I live with my birth mom. So I will tell you everything from the beginning. My birth mom and dad had my brother in October of 1999. And they had me in March of 2001. My dad left before I was a year old. And then my birth mom found a new boyfriend. He became my step dad for eleven years. Then she started causing trouble and sleeping around. They separated because she sent him to jail because she decided to walk in front of his car. She made me lie about it or I would have gotten punished for it. After that it was me and my brother and her. She would always party and go out with different guys. And we would stay home. Then she found a 20 year old and started dating him. He wasn’t very nice but we can’t always get what we want so things happened. She started drinking and doing drugs. I always got hurt when that happened because she was abusive and so was her boyfriend. Then my brother became like them too. I never ate because they wouldn’t let me. I was supposed to be small for him. I always got sick and one time I had the flu. Her boyfriend came to the house early and he made me food. I must have passed out because when I woke up he was on top of me, naked, and the clothes I had on were on the floor. I didn’t know what happened because my birth mother took me out of sex education. But after I told her she didn’t believe me. She still doesn’t believe me .And when he started touching me she didn’t say anything. And when I moved I told my step mom. She got me checked and they told me I was raped at the age of 12. And we had proof that it happened and they still don’t believe me which brings me back to the first part of my story.


  • Enduring a lot of troubling situations can make you feel damaged and alone. You are strong for continuing to endure these problems even though you need unconditional love at this time.
  • You can speak to a trusted therapist if you need someone to give you steps to get through your issues. Or call one of the hotlines on the Teen Central website under the Help tab.
  • Rape is a serious crime which can cause many problems now and later in life. It is never okay for someone to hurt you this way and it’s not your fault. You might want to consider getting free legal advice and reporting the rapist to the proper authorities.
  • You can do research on how rape can affect you and what to do about it by reading educational books or by finding educational resources for teens online. Knowledge is power. Be brave enough to face your fears so you can rise above them.
  • You can try being more spiritual by praying, doing yoga, meditating or by attending church services. This might help you forgive others and that everything happens for a reason, among other things. Read more about Spirituality by going to the Teen Central website and clicking the Learn tab then Spirituality.
  • Bullying is never okay You can head to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab then Bullying to learn more.
  • The Tools tab on the Teen Central website has many useful resources to download on a variety of issues.
  • You can commit to being positive so life won’t get you down. Do this by repeating positive affirmations to yourself. You may also express your feelings in a daily journal.
  • Stay hopeful each day by always having something to believe in or look forward to. You can read inspirational quotes or find someone to look up to. This can be a celebrity, teacher or humanitarian you admire.
  • You can try volunteering to have something positive to look forward to. Help out at a pet shelter by walking a dog, become a mentor or join a group to clean up the environment.
  • Expressing your feelings with creativity can help you be yourself, calm anxiety, make you more positive and less depressed. Play a musical instrument, paint, listen to music or try creative writing as a form of therapy.
  • You can educate yourself on the differences between what a healthy and an unhealthy relationship is by reading books or psychology articles on the subject.


  • How can you make sure to stay focused on living a positive life?
  • In what other ways can being spiritual make your life easier to handle?
  • How can getting good grades in school, having real friends who genuinely care about you and making a real effort to live the life you want help you have a brighter future?
  • Can you learn anything from enduring your harsh circumstances?
  • How can committing to having healthier relationships change your life for the better?