Need Help

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I feel like I need sex. A lot of people tell me that is not what life is all about. But, I’m mature and I’m still a virgin. I sometimes get a feeling down there, like I want to have a partner. A relative has told me a bunch of things about how to masterbate, But I am not sure if it is correct. I’m the only one that in my family that has not have sex. I want to go get condoms but I don’t know. How should I respond to these feelings that I am having?


  • Sexual curiosity is a normal part of human development. You shouldn’t feel ashamed that you are having questions or urges as you are growing up. Thanks for reaching out to TeenCentral for support.
  • TeenCentral is just the first step on your journey to answer your questions about your sexual health. It is important to get accurate and helpful information about your own body and sexual health. We suggest reaching out to a trusted adult for factual information regarding these topics. A school nurse or guidance counselor may be able to point you in the right direction of really good resources. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to a trusted teacher or nurse, try talking to an adult in your life. Your parents or adult relatives should have answers to your questions.
  • TeenCentral also has an entire section on the website dedicated to sexuality. Check it out by clicking here.


  • Remember your body and your sexuality is yours and only yours. Meaning the decision to share it with someone should only be your decision. When faced with such a tough decision, it is helpful to understand the risks and all the information regarding your choices. TeenCentral has a lot of this information here.
  • Many young people think that being sexually active will make them feel more mature. But there are also other ways that you can feel more grown up. Think about it… getting a part time job, excelling at school, volunteering, or helping out your family are some other ways that you can feel like you are taking on more responsibility.
  • Try some activities that can take your mind off of thinking about sex. Exercise is a great way to clear your head and also release some built up energy. Try taking a walk, or even a run, around the block. This might help you feel better and also feel in control of your own body. That’s a win win!