Not feeling accepted

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Hi, It’s me again. Last night my mom called Crisis on me. She told me that I “broke her” and that she “is done trying to be my mother”. I think she’s right. I broke her. I’ve brought her through so much crap. She always tells me that she doesn’t want to be my mother anymore. She wants to send me back to treatment. I don’t want to go back. I don’t know if I’ll survive it again.


  • Going through treatment takes courage and bravery. You made it through! Coming back to family can be a rough and difficult transition for you and your family. Through these challenges you grow and develop into what you are meant to be.
  • Maybe you and your mom can do something that you both enjoy doing together, like going for a walk, looking a Christmas lights, baking cookies together, watching a favorite movie, playing a game, etc.
  • In times of transition things just need to be done on a more gentle and loving matter. Maybe you can take this time to take care of yourself in loving and gentle way like doing yoga or meditation or hanging out with friends.
  • Also a good way to express yourself is through writing down your feelings or drawing. Express what is going on to better release those feelings or through any other positive form of express that you feel comfortable pursuing.
  • There are also groups that can help  your mom and you and may help you fee you are not alone in this process of change. Maybe look online as well as on to find resources.


  • What are somethings that you and your mom can do to reconnect and bond?
  • What are somethings you can do to be gentle and loving to yourself and your mom?
  • What are some positive ways that you can express your feelings?
  • How can you ask your mom what you can do, specifically, to help her feel less stress?
  • How can you tell your mom how it feels when she says the dismissive comments to you?
  • What would happen if you and your mom joined a support group to get you through this difficult time?