Not home for Christmas

Not home for Christmas

Christmas in detention center.

Consider This

Although you are not home for Christmas, you can make the best of your Christmas in a detention center and try to spend it with others who are in the same situation.  Try to be around others who want to make their lives better and are a positive influence on you.

Staff there generally want to help you.  Accept their help when offered and try to listen to what they have to say.  Sometimes it is hard to accept some of the things they are telling you and sometimes you don’t know where to start.  Try to start with something small to make a positive change in your life.

If you get a chance call home to talk to someone you love.

Help Yourself:

What is something that others have been telling you to change?

How can you  make one simple change to better your life?

How can you help make Christmas better for yourself and others in the detention center?