Nothing gold will last.

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Short message, something I wanted to put out there. I want everyone to not make the same mistake as me and realize that no one who is your favorite will stay. You should cherish the moments you have with people. They’re golden. It’s beautiful. As day by day passes, love will change. People will start revealing their true colors. Be happy with who you have now. Because people can change. They will.


  • Thank you for sharing your experience.It can be really hard to share deep feelings with others, so thank you for opening up!
  • You are correct that people can, and frequently do, change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Sometimes the way people change can be unexpected and even hurtful to us.
  • You are also right in that you should cherish the moments you have with the people that you love – your family, friends, and/or significant others.
  • One thing to note, is sometimes this change can be beautiful. People can change and grow – sometimes in the same direction in which, the bonds you have grow and strengthen as well. Other times, you may grow apart. Either way, enjoy life and the time you spend with others.


  • There are many resources and tools on on the “Learn” and “Tools” tab that may be helpful for you. Please check out this information and perhaps read others’ stories about relationships and friendships who have experienced similar changes. It may be helpful to know you’re not alone in this experience.
  • Reflect about why we as humans change as we grow older and experience different things in life
  • Always remind yourself that it is important to cherish the time spent with important friends and family in your life!