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If we’re being honest, the new online learning is really hindering my ability to retain information. Personally, getting up every morning and going to school is a coping mechanism for my depressive and anxious thoughts. At school, I am so busy I have no time to sit and reflect. Now that I’m at home, I end up staring blankly at something and intrusive thoughts like to invade. I have trouble focusing on my school work at home. I’ve learned nothing through online school and I haven’t retained any of the information I need.


  • Thank you for reaching out to the TeenCentral community with your feelings regarding your new online learning system.  It sounds like this has been a big change for you.  If you read through many of the recent stories, you will see that you are not alone in experiencing difficulties adjusting to our current conditions.
  • If you are struggling with some of those intrusive thoughts, please remember that it is a good idea to talk with somebody. Right now, so many of us are being instructed to physically distance, so it is easy to feel alone.  However, you could always text “HELLO” to 741741 to get in contact with someone safe who is able to listen and help you process your depressive and anxious thoughts.
  • When you were in school, did you feel that there was a teacher, aide, or counselor, who was available to help?  Perhaps you could try contacting that same person to ask for some extra assistance as you learn to adapt to this new style of learning. There are still ways to remain connected to those people, even during these difficult times.


  • Many people are able to focus better in more structured environments.  Changing from a more traditional school setting to an online learning system often creates a lot of independent time that can be hard to manage.  Perhaps you could try to plan out your day, including set blocks of time as if they were different periods at school.  A great way to get organized is the “Daily Task Chart Resource” that can be found on the “TOOLS” tab. Post it someone in the house that you can see everyday. Visuals always help!
  • If you are finding that you have more down time using your new online learning system, this may be a great time to explore and think about what YOU want to learn.  You could think of it as an independent study project that makes you excited and helps you to stay engaged.  There are many museums, historical places of interest, and other scientific organizations that are offering additional online resources, so have fun learning something new!
  • You also want to remember that a good education should allow time for some self-care, too.  Are there any activities, outside of school, that interest you?  If so, try to set aside time in your day to do those things that help you to relax.  Even if you are struggling through an assignment, knowing that you have an enjoyable activity planned for later may help you to get through those tough moments a little more easily.
  • If you are feeling the boredom, click on our “Whats New” tab on Teen Central. There are 32 ideas of things you can do while still maintaining that social distance. Give at least one of these a try to break up the monotony of online learning!